A comic book character published by Harvey Comics and created by Alfred Harvey, Sidney Jacobson and Warren Kremer. Richie Rich first appeared as a back-up story in Little Dot comics in 1953.

Richie Rich was called The Poor Little Rich Boy and rich he was. Richie had everything money could buy and quite a bit that it couldn't. He and his parents, Richard and Regina Rich, lived in a massive mansion with technological wonders and furnishings and trappings of unbelievable excess. Richie and his family employed a butler named Cadbury, the proper English butler. Richie's girlfriend was Gloria Glad and his general nemesis was his snobby cousin Reggie Van Dough.

Richie Rich and his supporting cast were the stars of numerous comic titles over the years. He was also the star of his own Saturday morning cartoon in the early 80's. Richie Rich was also the subject of a live action movie in 1994 starring the poster child for spoiled little rich kids, Macaulay Culkin.

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