Cafe Du Monde is a thoroughly famous and marvelous coffee shop. It originated in the city of New Orleans in 1862. The New Orleans cafes are open 24 hours a day; they close only on Christmas and for the occasional hurricane. Cafe Du Monde is currently owned by the Fernandez family. The locations are:

  • New Orleans, LA (6)
  • Kenner, LA (1)
  • Atlanta, GA (1)
  • Japan (82)

That's right, Japan. In 1989 the Duskin company approached the Fernandez family and requested permission to market Cafe Du Monde in Japan. The Fernandez family agreed; apparantly the Japanese get a big kick out of New Orleans-style coffee.

My girlfriend just chastised me severely for forgetting to talk about beignets in this write-up. Cafe Du Monde has really, really, awesome, kick-ass beignets! There, now maybe I can have sex again in peace.

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