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An all-girl band formed in 1993 by Kerri Kenney of The State and Viva Variety fame. Starting to get more exposure and radio play. When they started they had no idea how to play their instruments. They recorded their first album, Delicious, 9 months later. The band was born while Kerrie and Nina were in school together at New York University in the Experimental Theater Wing. They decided they wanted to start a band. So they learned to play some instruments, wrote some songs, and found a drummer.

The band is: Nina Hellman - guitar, vocals; Kerri Kenney - vocals, bass; and Jody Seifert - drums;

Goodbye, So What -- Vapor Records (1999)
Bruiser Queen -- Vapor Records (1997)
Delicious -- Avant Records (1994)
s/t? -- Genius Records (1996)

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