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A campy, mock-European variety show which aired on Comedy Central from 1996 until (in reruns) about 1998. Featured some of the actors from the 1994 milestone MTV sketch comedy show The State. Was taped before a live audience and often showcased third-rate and forgotten where-are-they-now musical acts like Ric Ocasek.

A running gag between the two host characters, playing a formerly married couple, was played to death, as well as the pop culture malaprops of the naive, recently-Westernized character Johnny Bluejeans.

The show starred Thomas Lennon as Mr. Laupin ("Meredith"), Kerri Kenney as the former Mrs. Laupin ("Agatha"), and Michael Ian Black as "your cool-ass pal," Johnny Blue Jeans, all of whom appeared on the MTV sketch comedy show, "The State."

"Viva Variety" was based on a sketch from "The State," called "The Mr. and Former Mrs. Laupin Variety Programme."

Segments included "French or Gay?," "Monkey Sports," and various product endorsments, including a start-smoking aid and a brand of mace called "Not Tonight, Not Ever."

Ben Garant, another former "The State" player and writer, wrote for "Viva Variety" and appeared in a few of the sketches.

It aired on Comedy Central, but was cancelled in early 1997, after only one season.

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