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Book of poetry by E. E. Cummings, published in 1931.

       I ,mean-
      II oil tel duh woil doi sez
     III the surely
      IV there are 6 doors.
       V myself,walking in Dragon st
      VI but mr can you maybe listen there's
     VII Space being(don't forget to remember)Curved
    VIII (one fine day)
       X thethe
      XI a
          mong crum
                   bling people(a
     XII poor But TerFLY
    XIII remarked Robinson Jefferson
     XIV what time is it i wonder never mind
      XV well)here's looking at ourselves
     XVI tell me not how electricity or
   XVIII "Gay" is the captivating cognomen of a Young Woman of cambridge,mass.
     XIX i will cultivate within
      XX but granted that it's nothing paradoxically enough beyond mere personal
     XXI helves surling out of eakspeasies per(reel)hapsingly
    XXII Lord John Unalive(having a fortune of fifteengrand
   XXIII buncha hardboil guys from duh A.C. fulla
    XXIV from the cognoscenti
     XXV murderfully in midmost o.c.an
    XXVI ohld song
   XXVII the first president to be loved by his
  XXVIII serene immediate silliest and whose
    XXIX in a middle of a room
     XXX i sing of Olaf glad and big
    XXXI memory believes
   XXXII Wing Wong,uninterred at twice
  XXXIII innerly
   XXXIV don't cries to please my
    XXXV what is strictly fiercly and wholly dies
   XXXVI sunset)edges become swiftly
  XXXVII how
 XXXVIII n(o)w

   XXXIX An(fragrance)Of
      XL thou

             firsting ahugeness of twi
     XLI twi-
              is -Light bird
    XLII structure,miraculous challenge,devout am
   XLIII if there are any heavens my mother will(all by herself)have
    XLIV i'd think "wonder
     XLV you
    XLVI i met a man under the moon
   XLVII when rain whom fear
  XLVIII come a little further-why be afraid-
    XLIX a light Out)
                    & first of all foam
       L when hair falls off and eyes blur And
      LI a clown's smirk in the skull of a baboon
     LII it)It will it
    LIII breathe with me this fear
     LIV if i love You
      LV speaking of love(of
     LVI lady will you come with me into
    LVII somewhere i have never travelled,gladly beyond
   LVIII is there a flower(whom
     LIX my darling since
      LX because i love you)last night
     LXI if you and i awakening
    LXII item:is

                Clumsily with of
   LXIII be unto love as rain is unto colour;create
    LXIV granted the all
                        saving our young kiss only
     LXV but being not amazing:without love
    LXVI nothing is more exatcly terrible than
   LXVII put off your faces,Death:for day is over
  LXVIII but if a living dance upon dead minds
    LXIX so standing,our eyes filled with wind,and the
     LXX here is the ocean,this is moonlight:say

An oral exam undertaken to defend ones Doctoral Thesis in the sciences (and perhaps in other subjects). Usually
a formality, however if the faculty or the external examiner is unhappy with the work the viva may let the student prove
that they deserve the degree. However it is not such a formality that it is impossible to fail. The objective of the viva is to prove to the examining board that the content of the thesis is an origianl work of quality, is work undertaken by the student and that the student understands fully the content and the related science. Viva is short for Viva voce.

Vi"va (?), interj. [It.]

Lit., (long) live; -- an exclamation expressing good will, well wishing, etc. -- n.

The word viva, or a shout or sound made in uttering it.

A wilder burst of "vivas".
R. H. Davis.


© Webster 1913

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