Silver lining rocks. Last October, I started thinking about my future. Nearing the end of my interminable PhD, I realised my options were fairly limited if I wanted to stay in academia and in Scotland. I also started to feel a bit stifled by the insularity of that world, and started to think about other things that I could do with my life that I would enjoy, fulfill me and pay the bills. I had just finished teaching a course on Indian film, and serendipitously was invited to the first meeting of a group of amateur filmmakers--and things started to fall into place. I'd always been fascinated by cinema, and filmmaking is in my blood, so I decided I'd give it a go.

A friend and I decided to make films for the BAFTA's '60 Seconds of Fame' competition, which required one to make a one minute film on the theme 'celebrate'--we thought it would be a good educational exercise, and give us something to aim for. Last Thursday, I got a phone call from the good folks at BAFTA, at which point my heart fell into my stomach. They had called to say that my film was a Scottish finalist and that I was now in the running to go to the BAFTAs where my film would be shown on that big screen next to where all those ethereal beings we call movie stars float by! But for Cinderella to go the ball, I would have to win the regional heats. Five finalists, one prize. And this, dear reader, is where you come in. Please vote for my tiny film and I could be one tiny step closer to making my celluloid dreams come true. Thank you.

* voting open till midnight, Monday 5th at *

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