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'You ain't got shit if you ain't got funk' -Simple Song

Rustic Overtones are a group of young musicians from Portland, Maine. They are hugely popular locally, getting heavy airplay on the modern rock radio station WCYY. They are also enjoying a bit of renown, as their latest album, Viva Nueva was released nationally. After listening to some Rustic material, David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust himself, jumped on to lay down some background vocals for the song Sector Z.

Rustic's sound is almost indescribable. They somehow fuse pop sensibility with jazz, funk, hip-hop, and other styles. Take a rock group, have the bass player do slap bass, add a horn section and a hell of a lot of talent. Rustic began about nine years ago, when the bassist and guitarist/vocalist began fumbling through punk songs in a garage. They've come a hell of a long way.

The Band:




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