California Highway 39

  • Commissioned: 1964

  • Mileage: 56 miles (Plus, 12 miles that were never constructed)

  • Counties Passed: 2


SR-39 is one of the more interesting state highways in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, beginning near SR-1 in Huntington Beach and ending at the Angeles Crest Highway or SR-2. However, the portion from Crystal Lake to SR-2 has been blocked off since 1978. This portion is heavily prone to rockslides and gave CalTrans far too many problems to be worth keeping it, although it is intersting to note that quite a bit of the road is one lane.

Prior to the SR-2 connection, SR-39 was slated to go through the East Fork of the San Gabriel River and up to Wrightwood, however this was never to be. In 1938, a planned road was washed out leaving the famous Bridge to Nowhere stranded in the canyon. Thirty some odd years later, in the 1960s another attempt was tried, it also failed (See: The Road to Nowhere) In Los Angeles County this is Azuza Avenue.

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