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Camp Blood (Full Moon Entertainment) is a 90's low-budget slasher flick following four yuppies through their journey into Camp Blackwood or Camp Blood- so named because of a lanky knife-wielding maniac that inhabits the camp wearing a clown mask. This journey unfolds only after ten minutes of completely unnecessary and cheap softcore porn.

Along the way, the foursome meets an old man that warns them not to go to "Camp Blood" and a nature guide that attempts to explain the lineage of the clown.

Camp Blood falls short in every category ever invented in order to criticize movies. The limited cast is painfully apparent during the last 1/5 of the movie in which the lead actress is taken to a mental institute. There she meets other characters that are portrayed by the same three actors that played her friends.

The movie also regretted to name the slasher clown- a major no-no in the cheap horror biz. It is rather difficult to root for a nameless entity to kill the characters you've grown to despise.

Camp Blood was followed up by "Camp Blood 2", an attempt to cash-in on the lack of success of Camp Blood 1, I guess. I cannot explain the phenomenon that is making sequels to movies that did not (at all) succeed. The sequel was also completely unparallel to the original, and started off by completely disregarding the way Camp Blood ended (wouldn't want to spoil it for you).

It is not reccomended by me nor anyone else that anyone view Camp Blood without first freebasing.

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