Campus Bible Study is an evangelical Christian group in the University of New South Wales. As the name suggests, it is about students studying the bible on campus. It is backed by the Anglican Chaplaincy on campus, though the members come from a diverse range of denominations and ethnic backgrounds. It is also associated with the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students especially pertaining to their Doctrinal Basis.

Officially under the name of Christian Union, it currently has the second largest member base on the UNSW campus behind the Student Union.

The major events held by CBS include:

Public meetings:
Held several times a week, these gatherings involve intense one hour talks from the bible. For a long time from 1975, these were given by Phillip Jensen, the Anglican Chaplain of the University, but he has recently (2003) taken on the role of the Dean of Sydney. Most of the talks are now given by Paul Grimmond, who also pastors the Unichurch that meets on campus on Sundays. The teaching is clear, challenging, faithful to the bible, and offensive to our human nature. If you are coming to UNSW, you should attend this at least once to see what it is all about.

Small groups:
There are smaller more interactive and discussion based bible study groups that also run weekly. Different groups cater for different faculties, ethnic groups, residential colleges, and so on.

Mid Year Conference:
MYC is a very intense week-long conference held during the winter holidays. One is bombarded with talks, bible studies and seminars. After attending, you would be shocked and changed by the message in the bible, and surprised by how different it is living in a Christ-centred environment.

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