I often wonder about the notion of our national inferiority, too. And I think that the joining of Canada and New Zealand in the above node to be interesting.

So much of what we now have in Canada, down to, and including the GST, certainly the name, were adopted from New Zealand. Why? Canada, as a mid-level power, has never been one to boast about itself--think of Lester B. Pearson, though like Pearson always working in the backround for the good of so many. This now seems to be changing.

And now, to boast about onself, in a world where the big gorilla--the United States, and its self-promotion industry--creates too much static for anyone to crow about anything that it isn't, Canada has become a booster of the very things that will destroy what has made it the envy of so many, including Americans.

There is that struggling universal Medicare system, and social safety net that we are abandoning in favour of, maybe, a few more jobs, and what is certainly a lot more money for a few.

What I rant about (Hi, sakico), is not so much evil American interlopers, as about Canadians who slavishly imitate fashions that have no place anywhere people actually live, as opposed to some theoretical libertarian paradise .

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