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A Canuckian is a Canadian but not all Canadians are necessarily Canuckian.
To reach the harmonious state of Canuckyness requires practise.

  • Obviously the consumption of copious rivers of beer, preferably the old standards...50, Molson Golden, ex, stock ale, blue, IPA. But Upper Canada, Red Baron, Moosehead, etc will do. If one drinks nonCanadian beers in extralarge quanties, Canuckyness may still be achieved.

  • The art of mosquito squishing. One must squish more mosquito's then there are stars in the heavens.

  • The art of being blackfly food. One must give ones body gladly so that the noble and graceful bug may live another day

  • One must know who Wayne and Shuster, the Friendly Giant and Bruno Gerussi is.

  • One must have the ability to smash one's head into the trunk of a maple tree at the bottom of a hill you have just toboggoned down, get up, shake the snow out of your mittens, wipe your runny nose with your skidoo suit sleeve and
    . . .happily
    climb back up the hill and do it all over again, and again and again etc.

  • One will be happy to live in an officially bilingual country yet probably know very little french (unless your french) except perhaps for the words Pamplemousse and tabernak.

  • One will not make a disparaging remark nor fume internally when someone YET AGAIN makes a joke referring to Canadian money as monopoly money.

All these elements plus others can fuse together in the practising adept to form an alchemy of blissful HOSERNESS that only true Canuckians may know.

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