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Please Help Me/Cappe Ffuno was originally listed on the push upstairs single as Please Help Me, and was a shortened version of the song. Underworld recently posted an extended mix, known as Please Help Me/Cappe Ffuno in mp3 format on the underworldlive (sic) website. The song starts off with a soothing, baritone note in the background. The lyrics are typical of Underworld: descriptive, flowing, although this song's lyrics are much more coherent than those of, say, Pearl's Girl or Born Slippy. The music slowly picks up tempo with the introduction of a moderately paced cymbal or snare rythm. The percussion in the song gradually builds, including a traditional rythm line along with a synthesized one, and an almost-muted high pitched effect in the background.

A guitar line is introduced, also muted at first but slowly becoming the predominate theme in the song. It sounds something like Rez, stripped down to a single distorted guitar, and played at a human tempo. After the guitar is given time to establish itself, an urgent sounding violin line is introduced, then all the music is stripped away except for the vocal line and a very complex and well-written drum line, somewhat like the final two minutes of Born Slippy. A distorted, spoken word styled vocal sample is introduced, at this point Cappe Ffuno begins. The music is stopped, the distortion on the vocal sample is taken down, leaving only the speaker and another person singing a simple, eleven note song in the back ground. A drum line is introduced again, then cut short, followed by a man saying something like "Should I hold the audio?". The song ends.

I feel it is necessary to describe the song in detail as it is no longered offered online. It may be available again soon, but for now it exists only in peer to peer networks and on a CD in Karl Hyde's house. I really wish that I had some knowledge of proper musical terminology to describe the song correctly, but for now, this is the best i can do. (thanks to mkb for additional information.)

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