A character in the Disney movie Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, played by Johnny Depp with his usual flair. Jack Sparrow was the captain of the pirate vessel Black Pearl, but was left on an island by a mutinous crew who then went and got themselves cursed by Aztec gold. He teams up with Orlando Bloom to get his ship back in a delightful adventure.

More importantly, a Captain Jack Sparrow is an alcoholic drink that is a delight to serve at parties, both pirate related and not.


Mix as a rum-and-coke. Drink.

For best results, not only is it important to have the best rum(local recipe suggests Captain Morgan's Parrot Bay Rum, which fits the pirate theme,) but a good vanilla cola. Mixing one's own allows for variations in the vanilla flavor and a selection of cola not always avaliable in vanilla. Either vanilla syrup or vanilla extract can be added to a large supply of Coke or Pepsi from a soda fountain to make a fresh-tasting mixture that mixes well with the rum.

One final warning: Using diet soda is possible, but ill-advised. It's the sugar in the cola that mixes with the rum and makes a homogenous mixture.

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