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Nice Hair.


This will by necessity be a short writeup, since there's not a lot that needs to be said on the subject. My apologies to all those of you who were expecting or hoping for a long tirade on the subject of hair. Nice hair. Actually hair has surprisingly little to do with it.

Nice Hair is a webcomic, written and drawn by someone called Mandy in Vancouver. Its style is simple, black-and-white artwork, in a modern cartoonish appearance, characters drawn with elegant curving sweeps. It actually reminds me quite strongly of Goats.

Nothing much really happens, in terms of plot. It's essentially a character piece about three flatmates sharing hair management problems, though there's not much character development. Why not? Because this is a product of fandom: the characters are, in fact, Neil Gaiman, Tim Burton and Robert Smith. Oh, and a certain "gay pirate", also with hair management problems, lives under Bob's bed. And they receive a visit from "Uncle Andy" (Andrew Eldritch from The Sisters of Mercy).

The joy of reading it comes largely from the reader seeing some of their favourite bed-headed icons interacting, in a somewhat surreal manner.

The comic can be read, from the start, at:

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