I love carrot cake. (In fact, everyone loves carrot cake.) I love ice cream. Of all the many desserts in the world, these are my favorites. "Surely," I thought, "there must be some way to combine them."

You'll need:

Beat the eggs. Mix in the white sugar and milk. Heat over a low flame, stirring constantly, until thickened (about ten minutes).

When the mixture has cooled, add the heavy cream, cream cheese, and vanilla, and beat thoroughly. More air is better.

In a separate pan, combine butter, brown sugar, carrots, and raisins, and heat until gooey. Grate the carrot finely, but then again, not too finely. Proper carrot cake is a little stringy — that's part of its charm. You want the ice cream to preserve that quality.

Mix everything together, and chill it overnight. Dump it in your ice cream maker. (If you're short on these, see Tem42's excellent ice cream writeup for do-it-yourself instructions involving ice, a coffee can, and some duct tape. Or get some liquid nitrogen.) After a bit of hard, honest churning, you'll have yourself some carrot cake ice cream.

Not carrot cake with ice cream. Not ice cream with bits of carrot cake in it. Carrot cake ice cream. It tastes just like you'd expect.

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