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A cart path is a small network of roads that is used to accomodate golf carts on those golf courses that allow them. The main benefit of these is that they allow carts to be used on the course on rainy or wet days without destroying the turf. They tend to be one lane one-way streets made of concrete or asphalt.

Courses commonly have a set of rules pertaining to the cart path, such as the ninety degree rule, which states that one may leave the cart path at a ninety degree angle to pursue a wayward golf ball. If it has rained enough in the past few days to make the turf soggy, or is in the process of raining, the management of the golf course is likely to declare cart path only for the day, so that wayward golfer doesn't spin his tires in the mud and invoke the murderous rage of the maintenance staff.

If by accident or design you manage to bounce a shot off of the cart path, you may expect to gain "bonus distance" depending on how hard the ball hit. If you can bounce it right and if the cart path is in the right spot, you can add a great deal to your drive.

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