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Cas"ta*nets, n. pl. [F. castagnettes, Sp. castanetas, fr. L. castanea (Sp. castana) a chestnut. So named from the resemblance to two chestnuts, or because chestnuts were first used for castanets. See Chestnut.]

Two small, concave shells of ivory or hard wood, shaped like spoons, fastened to the thumb, and beaten together with the middle finger; -- used by the Spaniards and Moors as an accompaniment to their dance and guitars.

⇒ The singular, castanet, is used of one of the pair, or, sometimes, of the pair forming the instrument.

The dancer, holding a castanet in each hand, rattles then to the motion of his feet. Moore (Encyc. of Music).


© Webster 1913.

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