Catching Zebras

A common ailment
Is a horse
Of course

I catch zebras
It isn't fair
That herds
Infest my clinic
I scratch deeper
Invest time
And there
The zebra is
Black and white
A sight

Time is precious
My employer states
I'm sad to relate

See more people
Can I last?
Being hastier
Losing weight
Food isn't tastier
When I rush
Tastes of dust

See each patient
For one thing
Doesn't matter
What they bring
The template
Is king
I rage
In the cage
Of the EMR
I stray far
I fight
And bite

My partners panic
And whisper "manic"

I strive
I dive
Hide myself
To stay alive

Magic spells
To give them hell
And keep me well
I won't sell
I pout
Choose another route
And play my flute

Go in at night
Tread very light
Stay out of sight

A zebra catcher
Watch her
Patch her

Without the time
To listen close
I'd miss most
And of course
Even worse
I might miss
A horse

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