Outdoor covered enclosure for cats.

An invention of Australia, where everything that isn't about to kill/eat your cat (spiders, bugs, crustaceans, reptiles, birds, dingoes) is something that will inevitably find its way onto the endangered species list by way of being a gourmet kitty treat. (If only they ate more rabbits...)

So the solution is to make a kind of cat aviary, by using cat-trees, and burrows and ramps, and attach it to the house. These can be as simple as a screened windowsill, placed where Muffin will be able to get a little sun and air, to an elaborate set-up with a lily pond, a jungle of cat-friendly greens, and a multistory complex of cat attractors. This has spread to other countries/places where people have more money than sense, and like building things (the HGTV channel set).

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