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Name of a student club proposed by 15 year old high school student Lisa McClelland at Freedom High School at Oakley in California. Mirrored on the lines of other ethnic-oriented societies found on school campuses, Lisa wanted to establish the Caucasian Club to promote, as she states, diversity, European American heritage, and to help students learn about their own heritage. And, most likely, to overcome a hidden injury blighting her predominantly Caucasian friends in not having the kind of club that Asian, Hispanic and African-American students can enjoy.

Many other students do not see the situation so charitably. At best they question the need for such a club at a school where whites still form the majority, and cannot see how it could possibly assist in fostering racial harmony. At worst she has been threatened with violence from a gang of girls, and has been called 'KKK girl' and a fat, white neo-Nazi by other students (yes she is chubby but her aplomb is priceless).

To date the only protests have been leaflets urging that her club be boycotted. Lisa managed to secure the requisite number of signatures needed to register the club, but so far no teacher has offered to serve as sponsor. Indeed one teacher made the comment that he would rather see Lisa "drugged and pregnant" than given news coverage. This probably speaks volumes of how her actions, or the reaction she receives, (depending where you stand on this) is disruptive to the staff and students of Freedom High School. They have endured not just the attention of the media, but also more sinister groups, including the KKK. Lisa refused to be associated with the KKK, adding that her own mixed heritage of Latino and Native American blood would probably make her inelegible to don a bedsheet.

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