CEBIT is the world´s biggest computer and software fair. It takes place once a year in Hanover, Germany.

Standing around the day before CeBIT opens to the public and all I see is a sprawl of stands being assembled, people standing around making final preparations and lots of lights, lights, lights, lights everywhere.
It is indeed the largest expo, not just for Tech and Computers, but also telecomunications, and every other aspect of the IT world. In fact it is the largest expo of any kind in the world. All in all it's incredible....
I'm here with Telecom Italia in the telecomunications pavilion. Across the way is Sprint. On our backside is MCI Woldcom. To the left is Compuserve and Netscape in a shared stand.
They are expecting some 800,000 visitors including German Chancellor Schroder in the next week.
This will be my home for the upcoming week and I hope to do some serious reporting from here on what's shaking in the world of IT. - NL4e

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