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In the restaurant business, an expo (short for expeditor) is an experienced server who, on particularly busy nights, does not take any tables, but, instead, gets paid by the hour to stand by the line and ensure that everything goes smoothly. Since attending to the needs of four to five tables at once, (if you assume that you have an average of four people per table, that's up to twenty people you're taking care of, simultaneously) can be extremely stressful and demanding on one's faculties it's easy to forget things or neglect to notice when your food is up. The expo will let everyone know when their food comes up, help to dress food in the kitchen, and if they see that someone is in the weeds, the expo will either assist them or find someone else who is not as busy to do so. They will also keep track of all the tickets in the kitchen to ensure that the cooks don't space any orders.

Since the expo takes no tables, his or her mind is unencumbered by the mental lists and stress which may cause a mental traffic jam and reduce awareness, making them extremely helpful to have around in a press. Their position as a server also makes them a better candidate for this job than a manager, who may not have experience serving and, thus not fully understand what needs to be done and how to do it properly.

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