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For those of you who know of Neon Genesis Evangelion you may be aware that it has two different endings. Eva is Director Anno Hideaki's story. A story which he concluded as he saw fit. There are fans that complained about the original ending of Evangelion. They made a big fuss, a very big fuss about it, some going so far as to Graffiti the Gainax office walls and to send Anno death threats.

I like the original ending; I think that Hideaki Anno did a truly inspired job of conveying his thoughts and feelings through the anime medium. Anno thinks he did too. The following is an indirect quote of Anno at an anime Expo in California, in response to questions about why he did the final two episodes the way he did.

His reply via his translator was that he did not think there was anything wrong with the last two episodes at all and that if we didn't like the ending of Eva, that was our problem.

Immediately after this he picked up the microphone and said, in English; "Too Bad"

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