A phrase uttered by Edd in the cartoon Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy. A mock city the Ed's had built out of cardboard boxes in the Cul-de-sac had just collapsed, Ed's money got stolen, and the trio is now back in suburbia as opposed to the "big city".

I liked this saying but was a afraid a nodeworthy definition was lacking (and it probably still is, but..). And I didn't know if a lifestyle could be condemned merely by a one-liner from a cartoon character. However on a recent visit with my urban parents I do believe I felt the futility and dissapointment that Edd described.

The trip was endless mess of family relations and computer diagnostics. I did everything between help set up a graduation party clear up to designing an aircraft parts database. Running over here to buy that, dropping this off, transfer that data, taking care of guests, that thing broke again, watching tv, fixing a starter motor, drinking beer, going out to dinner, messing something up, keeping up appearences, shaking hands, troubleshoot that network, pick this up, clean that out, sort these things, do that stuff. Ceaseless Toil, lots of it.

At one time I was at wit's end, and even used Edd's line since it was the only real thing I could think to say that would convey the meaning of the moment.
And by the end of the trip, I felt right back where I started. I had begun doing a lot of stuff I wanted to do, but in the midst of havoc I never really got any of it done. Nothing had really gotten done, just a bunch of insignifficant stuff. Not that I'd longingly dreamt of any of the things I'd wanted to do, but it still fits the saying.

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