I don't know when I realized:
(It probably came in stages,
In sly, insidious steps)
But I finally noticed that
Reflecting my slow death
was the house -
Falling apart from the inside out.

Also a sitcom aired on BBC from 1990 - 3 and 1995, and also shown in Australia and on PBS in the United States.

This show seems to poke fun at English class structure. Not being English I take an outsider's view of how caste works over there, but I can assume that Hyacinth Bucket (Patricia Routledge) is trying to be upwardly mobile in different and unpredictable ways. Living in what seems to be a "standard" middle class home in a fairly anonymous neighborhood, Hyacinth (last name pronounced "Bouquet") can't leave well enough alone. Pretending to be a long lost Windsor family member, she parades everywhere in Sunday best, big absurd hats and long flowing dresses. She tries desperately to hide her working class relatives Daisy (Judy Cornwell) and Onslow (Geoffrey Hughes) from anyone who might suspect plebian roots. Her husband Richard (Clive Swift) is frequently found with Onslow and Daisy, and meets with Onslow to only get out from Hyacinth's thumb. Add nosy neighbors Elizabeth (Josephine Tewson) and Emmitt (David Griffin), and you have a woman who can't seem to keep her reputation straight.

Hyacinth, as the only person who doesn't understand her own pathetic nature, can't understand why people avoid her company or merely parrot what she wants to hear so that they can make a quick getaway. Even her religious practices are covered in ass-kissing. The poor Vicar (Jeremy Gittins) can't seem to keep Hyacinth out of the rectory, as she scrubs the walls of the church in her usual lace and pearls.

Well worth it, even only if British comedies are aired once a week in your area.

Cast member's names and dates taken from http://britcoms.com/kua/

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