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A hilarious children's game in which a group of young children attempt to put balls into a rolling bucket. The bucket shoots the balls back out as they are put in, but at a delay of a few seconds. The objective is to manage to put all of the balls into Mr. Bucket. This is an integral part in

The Mr. Bucket Drinking Game:

All right folks here it is: The Mr. Bucket Drinking Game. I would recommend this game for larger groups and you may need more than one Mr. Bucket to have enough balls for the first game in this list.

Here's the rules (first game): Everybody must form into a circle and be close together. You can be in chairs or on the floor. Everyone should have a ball, and make sure they are Mr. Bucket balls. Release Mr. Bucket into the circle of people and each person must throw their ball into Mr. Bucket. If a person misses then they must take a drink. Re-distribute the balls and repeat until everyone is really really drunk.
An alternate version is this: Same game but with only 1-3 people with balls and whoever Mr. Bucket spits the balls back at must attempt to throw the ball in to him.
Yet another alternate version: Same game as above but with multiple Mr. Buckets. Remember too folks if you can add on rules as you play, please post them for others to enjoy.

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