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This is a BBC comedy sketch show written by Sanjeev Bhaskar which focuses on Anglo-Indian culture in the 90s. It is mostly about Indians in the UK but also has sketches in places like India. One famous one is in a Indian police station where there is an officer from the "English minority", who is called "Bib" rather than "Bob".

Sanjeev Bhaskar saw how difficult it was for whites to comment on Asians in comedy, as they would be accused of being racist. Therefore he and a group of other actors, including Kulvivnder Ghir, Meera Syral and Nina Wadia, came up with a series poking fun at the Anglo-Asian community in the UK. I should point out that there are white actors in the series as well, but as it is written and performed mostly by Asians, accusations of racism are not a worry.

The series is a masterpiece as everyone can enjoy it rather than look for racist motivation. It includes characters such as Mr "Everything comes from India", a wife who attempts to stuff her guests and complete strangers full with food and two mothers who compare their sons in most absurd ways. One episode featured the two bickering over which son liked their mother most, the argument climaxing when one claimed she still breast-fed him.

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