Communism is, according to this dictionary I have here, the "doctrine that all property and means of production should be shared by the people". In my trusty desktop encyclopaedia, communism can also be “a way of life… with equality for all ”. And that's what makes a good family. At least it should.

Dysfunctional families usually consist of everyone arguing, and no one getting along (at least for very long). Every one in a dysfunctional family hoards possessions.

Billy: "That's mine! Don't touch that!"
Stacey: "Noo! It's mine! Let go!"
Both: "MUM!!!" (or "DAD!!!")

There's no sharing, or caring.

Take the Smurfs for example. It can be said that they were communist, and they were on big happy family.

Typically, when you see happy families on TV or in the movies, everyone's giving and caring. Everyone shares, and there is no bickering. No one member claims one thing for himself or herself. Everything is communal. And everyone is polite.

Billy: "May I please use the red crayon?"
Stacey: "Of course, brother. I love you."

Also, everyone does their share of the work. Mum or Dad isn't stuck doing the chores. They get to sit down and relax after a long day working while Billy takes out the garbage and Stacey does the dishes (or vice versa). The parents do their part by earning a living and supporting their family. No exploitations. Dad isn't off sleeping with his secretary. Mom isn't down on Dalhousie Street whoring herself. Happy family.

Possessions aren't the way of life for the individual. Only keeping up with the Joneses is the goal, and that can't be accomplished if each family member is out for him or herself. They must unite. The Joneses don't have a chance against the communist family.

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