Cheesy title American distributors gave the 1994 Italian (French and German co-production) horror film "Dellamorte Dellamore" (literally "of death, of love").  Rupert Everett is Francesco Dellamorte, the caretaker (called "Engineer") at a cemetery in a somewhat insular Italian town.  His problem is that after seven days the dead return to life and need to put down in the usual zombie way: destroy the brain.  Eventually he becomes overwhelmed with his necessary occupation and having to destroy someone he falls in love with (whose face he starts seeing on other women) and tries to escape with his mute assistant by recklessly driving out the town.  The ending is equal parts fairytale-like and horrific in its implications for them (the end visuals almost have a Tim Burton-like feel).

Director Michele Soavi, who has worked with Italian horror director Dario Argento and Terry Gilliam, made a stylish, almost "art-horror" film with touches of black humor as well as scares and an almost dreamlike atmosphere.  Based on an Italian comic book called "Dylan Dog" and Manuel de Sica provides a strong score.  The American version is slightly edited.

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