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King of Wessex 519-534

As the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle relates to us Cerdic came with his brother Cynric to the shores of Britain in the year of our lord 495. They landed with five ships at a place that the Chronicle names as Cerdic's-ore that is otherwise unkown to us. It is recorded that in the year 508, they fought and slew a British king named Natanleod and eleven years later Cerdic undertook to rule the West Saxons as their first true king.

The Chronicle also tells us of the descent of Cerdic and names him as son of Elesa, son of Gewis, son of Wye, son of Frewin, son of Frithgar, son of Brand, son of Balday, son of Woden.

In the year 530, once again in the company of his brother Cynric, he conquered the Isle of Wight which they later gave to their two nephews, Stuff and Wihtgar.

Cerdic ruled the kingdom of Wessex until he died in the year 534 when his brother Cynric took over in his stead.

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