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Oils are used in multiple ceremonies; each oil scent it chosen for its properties. Usually one oil is selected to be a personal essence, to be used in spell-casting that requires a personal touch or power.

Scrying utilizes oil when one is performing the silver mirror version. A mirror is consecrated, and hopefully attuned to the user. A thin film of oil is poured across the surface, and via prayer or meditation, visions appear either in the mind or on the oil. Lavender oil is the preferred essence to be used in scrying, although rose oil also has desireable scrying properties.

Oil is also used in candle magick. It is rubbed from each end to the middle of the candle. In this instance, the oil should be a personal essence, for it brings with it your own individual power and wish.

Oil can be attained at occult shops or certain organic grocers. It can also be made at home.

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