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There are various modalities of scrying, or telling the future. Some prefer to utilize the typical gypsy-esque crystal ball, while others only meditate. Some pour scented oil on a silver mirror. Others still scry only when dreaming.

It's hard to pinpoint exactly how to scry in dreams. It appears to be something totally governed by the unconcious, and is very, very hard to will into happening. When a prophetic dream is forced to the surface during the night, the dreamer usually doesn't notice the ramifications of having such a vision, until whatever the dream was sent to portend has already happened.

With practice, though, one can differentiate between those dreams that are the random jumble of thoughts and sights and smells of everyday life, and those visions sent by the Goddess to reveal something yet to be. Those dreams which involve people you know, and curiously strong emotions, usually (though not always) have some tie to your present life.

Occasionally, one will recieve a vision of a past life.

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