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Scrying is basically fortune-telling (cliche!!) or prophesy. Almost everything that is common knowledge *coughcoughhollywoodcoughcough* about scrying is innacurate. Scrying can be done with literally almost anything. It is basically the recognition of patterms in things and inturpreting them. some methods include: (this is by NO means a complete list):

scrying sphere
tarot cards
i ching

these are some of the more "traditional" ones. other more unusual ones include:

auspex and related auspices
looking into mirrors
reading omens in animal entrails
wax casting
walnut test
seeing fortunes in skulls
reading futures in spider webs

will add more as i come across them, and at some point if i can find a particular book that is missing at the moment, post the "proper" names for these things, which are odder than the techniques themselves.

Scry (?), v. t.

To descry.




© Webster 1913.

Scry, n. [From Scry, v.]

A flock of wild fowl.


© Webster 1913.

Scry, n. [OE. ascrie, fr. ascrien to cry out, fr. OF. escrier, F. s''ecrier. See Ex-, and Cry.]

A cry or shout.


Ld. Berners.


© Webster 1913.

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