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Also known as Edward Talbot.

An English man who became associated with John Dee in his Spirit Actions.

Together Dee & Kelly used, at varying times, both a Crystal Ball and a Black Mirror of Obsidian to Scry and communicate with Angels.

They traveled across Europe while engaged in these operations. The Enochian System of magic (as we know it today in the Western Esoteric Tradition) was derived frm these 'Spirit Actions'.

Eventaully these two magicians arrived in Prague where the Emporor Rudolph II had gathered most of Europe's Alchemists. Kelly had purchased a red powder from an Innkeeper along with a manuscript that was supposedly found at a disturbed grave. With this powder Dee and Kelly were able to create gold with an alchemical transformation.

When England heard of this they summoned them both home to fill Englands coffers. Dee returned to the Queen (he was an honorable man), but Kelly stayed to meet a grim end.

There have been many misconceptions put forward about Kelly, few of which have been substantiated by evidence. Although his ears had been cropped for forgery in the past, it hardly explains the many harsh word heaped upon this unfortanate man by "historians". Fortunately new information is emerging (see Cauda Pavonis) on this very intriguing figure of the 17th Century.

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