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Chèvre noir is a sharp goat's cheddar made in Chesterville, Quebec by Fromagerie Tournevent. The cheese was developed in 1988 by Louise Lefebvre and first appeared on the market in 1989. It ripens for a minimum of a year before being sold. It's a firm cheese and a little crumbly. If you're at a shop that carries it, it's an easy one to spot: look for a bone-white slab encased in black wax (thus the name). It's my all-time favourite cheese and I'd heartily recommend it to anyone fond of goat's cheeses or sharp cheddars in general.

Chèvre noir won first prize in the "Cheddar from Goat’s Milk, Aged Less Than 12 Months" category at the 2007 American Cheese Society Competition and accolades at the 2007 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

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