Superhero role-playing game by Hero Games. Characters start with a number of power points they can use to purchase superpowers and skills. Players can get additional power points when creating their characters by giving them disadvantages such as a non-player character friend who always needs saving, a vulnerability to a certain kind of attack, a psychological block that prevents or compels a certain kind of behavior, and so on.

The game uses six-sided dice to calculate the success or failure of a character's efforts as well as the damage they inflict; if really high-powered attacks are being thrown around, it sometimes becomes necessary to collect dice from all the other players just to have enough. The sound they make hitting the table is quite satisfying, or terrifying if you happen to be on the receiving end.

A Los Angeles-based super-hero team published by Marvel Comics in the 1970s.

The team was financed by one of its members, Warren Worthington III also known as the Angel. He along with his former X-Men teammate Bobby Drake (Iceman) were joined by Hercules, the legendary Greek demi-god, Black Widow, an ex-Soviet spy, and Ghost Rider, a demon-possessed motorcycle stuntman. This unlikely team of super-heroes existed as a team for a very short time in the mid-to-late 1970s.

The team was later joined by Darkstar, a member of the Soviet Super Soldiers and Black Goliath, a scientist who could grow into a giant. These additions did nothing to add to the appeal of the book, which soon passed the way of the dodo.

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