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A superhero team published by Marvel Comics. The Soviet Super Soldiers first appeared in The Incredible Hulk #258.

It is the middle of the Cold War and the United States has many groups of super-powered, spandex-wearing heroes to defend its soil and interests both here and across the galaxy. The Soviet Union decides that it needs a group of heroes of its own (state sponsered needless to say) and so organizes a group of native heroes to take up the call to defend Mother Russia.

The Soviet Super Soldiers began as a sort of poor man's version of the Avengers. The group consisted of:

  • The Crimson Dynamo: An old Iron Man foe, the Crimson Dynamo was a loyal agent of the Soviet government equipped with a suit of armor which gave him a high degree of invulnerability, super-strength, the ability to fly, and the ability to project destructive energy beams. In later appearances, when the Soviet Super Soldiers decided to be independent of the Soviet government, the Crimson Dynamo was kicked out of the team.
  • Titanium Man/Gremlin: A misshapen Soviet scientist, the Gremlin adopted a version of the armor used by the old Iron Man foe, the Titanium Man specially outfitted to be operated by him. During his time as a member of the group, the Gremlin often served as the voice and the brains behind the group. The Titanium Man armor gave the Gremlin abilities similar to the Crimson Dynamo. The Gremlin was ultimately killed by Iron Man during the so-called Armor Wars when his suit of armor caught fire and burned.
  • Vanguard: A mutant, Vanguard had the ability to deflect energy back at its source. To this end, Vanguard employed weapons made to look like the hammer and sickle that were the symbol of the Soviet Union. The weapons could also be used to strike at his opponents. The Vanguard was the brother of fellow teammate Darkstar.
  • Darkstar: A mutant, Darkstar possessed the ability to project and manipulate the darkforce an extra-dimensional substance that absorbed both heat and light. Darkstar could use the dark force to fly and project it into crude forms that she could manipulate. Darkstar served in the Soviet Super Soldiers and also worked with the short-lived group the Champions. During her time with the Champions, Darkstar carried on a romance with the X-Man Iceman.
  • Ursa Major:A mutant, Ursa Major has the ability to transform himself into a super-strong, injury resistant bear.
The Soviet Super Soldiers were agents of the Soviet government for many years, but eventually they rebelled and became free agents. After the death of the Gremlin and the expelling of the Crimson Dynamo, the remaining members of the group defected to the west, but were later attacked by the members of the Supreme Soviets. They were left for dead, but attacked their assailants later in the form of a giant bear created from dark force material. Captain America attempted to help the Supreme Soviet members and eventually convinced the Soviet Super Soldiers to spare their lives.

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