In April of 1988, the USS Gary, a small Perry-class guided-missile frigate, was on patrol in the Persian Gulf. On April 14th, the USS Samuel B. Roberts, on routine patrol in the central Persian Gulf struck a mine. While the crew of "Sammy B." worked to save their crippled warship, the US took measured action against Iran in response to that country's mining of international waters.

On April 18th, we were in the midst of fighting. My helicopters were flying non-stop, and we ended up breaking the all-time SH-60B flight hours record in a one month period, a record which still stands to this day. Everybody was at their post, from the Gunner's Mate to the guys standing watch on the aft end of the ship. Weapons were firing, the ship was lurching to and fro as it changed directions, a huge roostertail of water was spraying up from the screws propelling the Gary forward at 31 knots. Assholes were clenched and jaws were set as we all worked together as a team. Everyone depends on the other guy to do his job (this was before there were women on ships). Unfortunately, as we were engaged with some unfriendly missiles, one gent decided that it would be a good time to break into a few lockers in the berthing compartments.

This evil scumbag stole a wad of money from a sailor who was going to send a money order to his wife and two kids. During this time, the robbed sailor was working to preserve the scumbag's life and the lives of all of my shipmates. He also stole some small items from a couple of other lockers.

This person was never caught. It was difficult to even think that one of the guys I was looking at daily was a thief who took advantage of a situation where someone was doing their job to preserve lives. In the unlikely chance that this subhuman ever reads this node, I hope that the money you stole from your fellow sailor bought you something that made you happy, and I hope you still have it. I hope this because, whatever it was that you bought, you purchased it with the sweat and blood of your shipmates and your own immortal soul.

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