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In addition to the old Reynard the Fox that Mr. 1913 so kindly points out, Chanticleer is the "clear-singing" rooster in The Nun's Priest's Tale, which appears in Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales.

Also a very cool San Francisco-based mens' a cappella choral group specializing in early music.

Also the nickname of Coastal Carolina University's sports teams.

Coastal Carolina is located in South Carolina, 10 miles west of Myrtle Beach.

Chan"ti*cleer (?), n. [F. Chanteclair, name of the cock in the Roman du Renart (Reynard the Fox); chanter to chant + clair clear. See Chant, and Clear.]

A cock, so called from the clearness or loudness of his voice in crowing.


© Webster 1913.

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