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Remember how difficult the Chudda-cha was? This is even worse. Through two reps of this little baby, you can clock up to about 56 individual muscular impulses. Or impulsi. Whatever.


||            |           |           |            || 
||   >   > >  |    > >    |  > >   >  |  >   > >   ||
||:  T / T X  |  / T X /  |  T X / T  |  X / T X  :||
||   |_|_|_|  |  |_|_|_|  |  |_|_|_|  |  |_|_|_|   ||
||   |_|_|_|  |  |_|_|_|  |  |_|_|_|  |  |_|_|_|   ||
     R l R L     r L R l     R L r L     R l R L 
     1 e + a     2 e + a     3 e + a     4 e + a

T=diddled flam  X=flam  /=inner beats  Capital letter=accent hand on flam

lower case letter=unflammed inner beats

The important thing to remember while learning this rudiment is to always play the un-diddled flam at the same height level and dynamic as the diddled flam.

Oh yeah. And relax.
I'd like to add that these are hard. Beltane was a drum captain (my drum captain in high school, woo woo!) for a while, dropping mad beats in a drum corps or two, if'n I remember correctly. He made amazing stuff on the snare drum look easy, as did lots of really good players. I mean, I could play flams and flam taps, but I could never make my way to Chewbaccas, much less Chewbaccadiddles, or adding cheese to them and throwing it off the left hand. Split rolls were fun for me, but I have cruddy hands (Beltane has cruddy hands now too! ... but... that's because he got carpal tunnel syndrome and something something syndrome from drumming too much, which sucks enormous dick, in my estimation.)

Anyway, I just wanted to add something to this node... So in my own little way, I'll just tell you that -

These are hard! Chewbacca never should've gotten his own drum rudiment! We choose the bass drum! Distort all the notes! No one will ever know!

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