1. A round pastry filled with cherries. Mmm.
  2. Vulgar slang for female genitalia. Probably has fallen out of use in recent years.
  3. Name of both an album and a hit single released in 1990 by the pop-metal band Warrant. The song alludes to #2.
  4. A song on Underworld's 1997 EP, Pearl's Girl. A rare instrumental -- not a single word is spoken.
Also a kind of heliotrope, Heliotropium arborescens, with dense clusters of small purple flowers, and wide somewhat furry leaves. The flowers' intense, warm aroma justifies the name. But beware, all parts are poisonous.

It is a half-hardy annual suited for borders, as it forms a low bush. Prefers warmth, and in warmer climes may become perennial. It was very popular in Victorian times. It originates in the Andes of Peru and has the synonym H. peruvianum.

Note this is not the herb commonly known as heliotrope.

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