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"...Goes Down", in a song by Uncle Frank Zappa, from Sheik Yerbouti. Nothing to write home about. The quality of the LP can be judged, in part, by the quality of the "Shake Your Booty" pun. Bad jokes don't trump bad disco, dead man. But there's lots more Zappa to choose from. Choose.

A singer, once of New Edition; current husband (still?) of Whitney Houston. Peaked with "Every Little Step" and "Don't Be Cruel". Now tries a little too hard to be "bad".

A. Husband (and dealer) to Whitney Houston. Gained fame in the early 80s with the popular boy band, New Edition. Hinted at a somewhat promising solo career with the release of Don't Be Cruel in the late 80s. Spawned such hits as "My Perogative" and "Every Little Step." Inspired Gumby-like asymetrical haircuts. Impregnated several women -- see hootchie or baby momma. Had a cameo appearance in a Ghostbusters sequel as a valet parking attendant. Career came screetching to a halt with the release of his follow up album a few years later. Third solo album sold less than 50,000 copies. Has one daughter, Bobby Kristina, with Houston. Is often found in possession of illegal drugs or blood alcohol levels. Has no life.

B. Run of the mill blonde model. Appeared in Warrant video for a song called Cherry Pie; later married lead singer Janie Lane and had one child. Divorced Lane when the hair band dollars dried up and briefly dated Tommy Lee of Motley Crue before he wed Pamela Anderson. Brown claims that Lee was physically and emotionally abusive to her during their relationship.

C. Make-up company founder. Owner and namesake of Bobbie Brown Cosmetics. High end make up brand that can be found in finer department stores like Nordstrom.

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