So as you can see from my Johto writeups, I have been bashing poor lil' Chikorita. But cry no more Chikorita fans, because I will be giving this little fella some justice!

Chikorita (Japanese: チコリータ, translit. Chicorita), also known as the "Leaf Pokemon" in the Pokedex, is one of the starters you can choose from in your Johto adventure. Chikorita is a grass-type (which sucks, because they would have to deal with a lot of weaknesses), and has a national Pokedex number of #152. It evolves into Bayleef when leveled up to atleast level 16, which will then evolve into Meganium starting level 32.

Unlike Cyndaquil and Totodile, Chikorita is not bipedal. It has four small legs. It is a small, pale green Pokemon that looks similar to a sauropod and has a leaf on top of its proportionally large head and dark green buds around its neck. The leaf is used as a thermometer and a measure of humidity. As a grass-type, it actively seeks sunlight.

As with all Pokemon introduced in Generation II, Chikorita reappears in future Pokemon core series games like Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire as well as spin-offs like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

Curiously, Chikorita looks more like a female but has a gender ratio of 87.5% male and 12.5% female, which is standard for all starter Pokemon. You can judge it yourself. Personally, I believe that most Chikorita are female instead of male, and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team is proof because Chikorita is only available as your transformation if you are docile and say you are a girl in the quiz.

Chikorita's name in English and Japanese is a combination of chicory (the shape and appearance is similar to a Belgian endive, a type of chicory) and ita (feminine form of the Spanish suffix for something small or young, another proof that Chikorita is female!).

Here are its Pokedex entries from Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver:

A sweet aroma gently wafts from the leaf on its head. It is docile and loves to soak up the sun's rays. (Gold & HeartGold)
Its pleasantly aromatic leaves have the ability to check the humidity and temperature. (Silver & SoulSilver)
It loves to bask in the sunlight. It uses the leaf on its head to seek out warm places. (Crystal)

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