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The ORIGINAL chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich, introduced in 1981 by Richard E. LaMotta. Similar to an ice cream sandwich, but with chocolate chip cookies instead of the traditional rectangles of- whatever that stuff is. Mystery sandwich rectangles. Vanilla ice cream in the middle, and the trademark chocolate chips ringing the edge.

Contrary to what some might think, there are no chocolate chips within the ice cream. I have actually seen people flip out about this. Let the myth be dispelled: no chocolate chips inside! Eat the ones around the edge and deal! It's a beautiful creation. Just deal.

Mr. LaMotta first came upon the idea while working in his own confectionery store, and held a contest to decide the name of his creation. A young girl from New Jersey suggested the name 'chipwich.' LaMotta was so pleased with her suggestion that he subsequently put her through college. He came up with the idea to sell his chipwiches in vending carts while chewing on a dirty water dog. This idea met with enormous success; most of his carts sold out within an hour.

The chipwich can now be found nationwide in any 7-Eleven as well as a multitude of supermarkets. The idea has become so famous that many knock-off varieties can be found, such as those made by Schwan's and Klondike.

On August 20, 2002 the Chipwich corporation was acquired by Coolbrands, a rival ice cream magnate to Good Humor. Confection wars, anyone?

source: http://www.chipwich.com

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