The patience game known as Solitaire which comes with Windows, played with one pack of cards. There are a large number of variants of the rules, and this writeup describes the rules as implemented in Solitaire for Windows.

Begin by dealing out 28 cards in a triangle as shown below, with the cards in each column overlapping, the bottom card of each column face up and the rest face down.

+ * * * * * *
  + * * * * *
    + * * * *
      + * * *
        + * *
          + *

+ = Face up
* = Face down

The aim is to release the aces and build them up in suit to the kings. You can pack downwards in alternating colour on the triangle, moving whole sequences at a time. When a face-down card is exposed, turn it face up. When a column is emptied, the gap may only be filled by a king or a sequence of cards headed by a king. Deal through the pack three cards at a time (or one at a time if you want to make it really easy). In "Standard" scoring mode, you may deal through the pack as many times as you like, although you will lose points for this. In "Vegas" scoring mode, there is a limit on how many times you may deal through the pack.

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