The slogan of America's #1 selling ice cream bar, manufactured by Good Humor/Breyers. The un-bear-ably delicious traditional Klondike Bar is 5.0 fl. oz. of yummy goodness in a silver foil wrapper. Of course there's all kinds of new flavors and multipacks, but I say leave that fancy stuff to the Europeans. I stick with the Original.

The advertising campaign generally shows people doing ridiculous things to get their hands on the ice cream. I always held out hope that the commercials would start showing some especially perverted acts, but apparently that goes against the wholesome image of Klondike ice cream bars or something.

Klondike maintains a exercise in minimalism disguised as a website at Frankly, there's probably less information there than on a bar's wrapper, but those .gifs are making me hungry.

Oh, and what would I do for a Klondike Bar? I decided a long time ago that the most extreme act I would engage in to obtain a bar would be to go to the store and pay for one. I guess that was too "uncool" to get me into the commericals.

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