Dundee is a small town of around 3,000 located in Yamhill County, about 26 miles from Portland, Oregon. Because of its several wineries inside and around the city, it is a tourist attraction for the 12,000 that visit every year. Dundee is also proud to boast two of the best restaurants in the state(Tina's and Alfie's), as well as Dundee Pizza Company(sister pizza company 3rd Street Pizza in McMinniville, voted "Best Pizza in Yamhill County")

In terms of recreation, during summer, a small Farmer's Market is held, where attendees can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, and breads.

Dundee was settled with a small shop in the area of Dundee, known as Dundee Junction, owned by the Parrett Family. The town quickly grew to incorporate its own rail station, post office and school. The station is now a defunct abandoned building off of Highway 99W, and the post office and school have each changed location and have been re-built on multiple occasions.

William and Samuel Parrett (cousins) built the first store in the settlement that would be called Dundee, in 1885. Eventually it included a post office, and William Parrett was named postmaster.

The wineries of Dundee are some of the best in the state, if not the nation. Makers of famous wines such as Ponzi, Argyle, Duck Pond, Rex Hills have chosen to open tasting rooms and {What's the name of the building where they make the wine??} in and around Dundee.

Dundee has a small school, aptly named Dundee Elementary School that has been moved and rebuilt several times. It started as the old Hagey School up near Sunnycrest, a small one-room building. Then the school was rebuilt near the site, and Hagey School was used for storage, with a new 4 room school complete with a bell tower was near. After 20 years, the school was moved to the location is it now (namely, 5th street.) More classrooms were added in separate constructions and now houses 400 students.

Dundee was incorporated into Oregon in 1895 by a group of pioneer families. It was named for the hometown of William Reid, one of the pioneers, that is, Dundee, Scotland.

It is 19 miles away from Portland, Oregon, the largest city in Portland, and 24 miles away from Salem, the capital. While outside the Urban Growth Boundary, it is still effectively a suburb of Portland. The lone school of Dundee, Dundee Elementary School, is part of the nearby Newberg School District. Dundee Elementary School holds approximately 400 students, and received exceptional grades on its 2002 school report card.

Dundee is built around Highway 99W. The one traffic light in the town is at Highway 99 and 5th Street, of which the school is on.

Important tourist areas include Riverwood Golf Course, and especially the various wineries on the outskirts of Dundee. These include Argyle Winery, Cameron Winery, Duck Pond Cellars, Erath Vineyards, Lange Winery, Sokol Blosser Winery, Eyrie Vineyards, and Torii Mor Vineyard. There are two parks in Dundee: Dundee/Billick Park, which is next to the school, and includes tennis courts and two baseball fields, and Crabtree Park, which is very large and includes many nature trails. (Also, a Geo-Cache resides up there, if you're into that.)

Elevation: 150 ft. above sea level. Latitude: 45.28 N Longitude: 123.02 E Area: 3.511 sq. km. Area Code: 503 or 971. Zip Code: 97115.

Climate: Coldest month: January, average temperature, 32 degrees F Hottest month: August, average temperature, 80 degrees F Driest month: July Wettest month: December Average annual precipitation: 40.78 inches

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