Donald, Oregon is a small little town just off of I-5 between Portland and Salem.

With a population of around 750 people, it has a tendency to be ignored while busy people rush around the surrounding towns from Woodburn to Canby to Oregon City.

With no public transportation, and no driver's license, there really is nothing to do in Donald. Unless of course you happen to be a skateboarder, as Donald has a skatepark known the world over. At least in the skateboarding community. It was made by famous designers Dreamland Skateparks. The skatepark has been featured in numerous skateboarding magazines, including a front cover of Thrasher Magazine.

The other bustling social scene in Donald is the Donald Cafe. Old people and tourists gather there to eat overpriced breakfasts and lunches. (No dinner, because the owner is too lazy to keep the cafe open all day.) The cafe, two mini-marts, a tavern, and a gunshop make up the essence of the economic development in the city.

A few years back, a native american group wanted to put a casino on some land just outside of Donald. Then mayor David Wheat fully supported the idea, but the religious right protested it.

Three trailer parks and no casino later, brings us to the current state of affairs with Donald being yet another trashy town in Marion County.

Too bad I don't skateboard or visit cafes on Sunday mornings, this Donald resident is delegated to the time indoors that is already common enough in the rainy Pacific Northwest.

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