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Highway 99W is the main road running through Yamhill County, Oregon. Covering a stretch of approximately 40 miles, it extends from Tigard, through Newberg, Dundee, Lafayette, and on past Salem. It's also known as the Herbert Hoover Highway.

Traffic on a particular section of 99W (the section between Dundee and Newberg) has over three times the recommended amount of cars traveling on it. This is very frustrating for most commuters traveling to Dundee, where this two-lane highway merges to become one. This one lane follows all through Dundee, and then continues southbound. The Oregon Department of Transportation proposed a simple plan to allow increased traffic through Dundee: widening the highway out to two lanes in each direction. The locals objected, claiming that it would obliterate 90% of Dundee's business.

The Highway was completely repaired through the boundaries of Newberg, costing US$8.9 million for 4 miles of highway. The project took about 6 months to complete. Traffic in downtown Newberg slowed to a crawl during the completion of this section.

On the way in either direction, the traveler can expect to see several hazelnut orchards, a couple of vineyards, and the Bayou championship golf course, as well.

My own experience
Thanks to Glowing_Fish for reminding me about Herbert Hoover!

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